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Cesar Bollatty Bedregal

We are proud to introduce to you, to our experienced top-notch certified guides. They all have good skills of recognizing a vast number of bird calls and are equipped with all the essentials including: Scopes, Sound library, etc. Our guides are the single most important aspect of Birds of Peru Tours. Our experienced leaders are not only highly skilled birders but also fun-loving people who genuinely enjoy guiding and take pride in making your tour a pleasant experience.

Founder and manager of Birds of Peru Tour as well as Director of Operations . Cesar was born in the rainforest of Peru and currently lives in the cities of Cuzco & Puerto Maldonado. He is widely regarded as one of the finest Peruvian bird guides, with truly remarkable field skills, including very extensive knowledge of bird vocalizations. Cesar has also worked as a birding guide in Brazil & Bolivia as well as in Macaw and Giant River Otter projects in Manu Biosphere Reserve & Tambopata Nacional Reserve. Cesar has a great of deal of guiding experience, including documentary and photography tours for national TV channels. For many years he has worked as a natural history rainforest Guide at Tambopata Nacional Reserve, Manu National Park and specializes in leading bird tours. As one of a few licensed birding guides from the Ministry of Tourism in Madre De Dios, he speaks fluent English. Cesar is well known for his field craft when leading tours. He uses Leica binoculars and a Kowa scope.

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