Machu Picchu Birding Tours & Manu Road 13 Days

Machu Picchu Birding Tours & Manu Road 13 Days

OUR NEWLY UPDATED two weeks birding (13 days) trip is from the Pacific coast to the Andes and from Machu Picchu to the Amazon. The Machu Picchu birding tours are genuinely breathtaking and we should encounter around 400 species, including some of the fanciest and most sought-after in the Neotropics.

The birds of Machu Picchu tour consists of Southern Peru’s east-slope, temperate birding featuring several endemics and scenic Andean Puna. Later, the Machu Picchu is followed by great subtropical birding. Moreover, you will have good accommodations, easy to moderate terrain with one difficult (optional) hike for Polylepis specialties.

The ruins at Machu Picchu tower above the rushing waters of Rio Urubamba which snakes its way through the valley fifteen hundred feet below. By staying one night at Aguas Calientes (6500 feet), and one night at Ollantaytambo, we will be able to experience the site both culturally and for its great birding. Although the ruins alone are worth the visit, the subtropical slopes and the narrow gorge below are surprisingly good for birds.

We’ll also work both sides of the eastern cordillera, traveling to the high pass at Abra Malaga along with a route that crosses the Andes on its way to the Amazonian lowlands and also Carrizales (bamboo) at the lower side where we regularly see more endemics concentration and mixed-species flocks. All such activities make the Machu Picchu trip more adventurous and fun.

Manu Biosphere Reserve is a vast, spellbinding wilderness in southeastern Peru replete with some of the richest flora and fauna to be found anywhere in South America. It offers the uncontained possibilities of an entire ecosystem, from golden grasslands of the Puna zone down the eastern Andean slope through cloaking Montane Cloudforest into seemingly endless lowland rainforest. Mostly, Machu Picchu luxury tours are full of fun-loving activities.

From the Cusco valley, we climb endemic-rich arid slopes to the high Puna zone and then descend past treeline through temperate and subtropical cloud forest down to the foothill zone at the eastern base of the Andes. Based at several comfortable lodges, we will bird up and down one of the “birdiest” roads in the world (MANU ROAD), which ribbons its way through wilderness full of flagship east-slope species like Lyre-tailed Nightjar, Red-and-white Antpitta, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, White-collared Jay, Golden Tanager, and Versicolored Barbet, and a handful of endemics and regional specialties. Then we have several days of birding in the upper tropical rainforest while based at the lovely elevation of 1600 feet, with hummingbirds at feeders in the garden like Rufous-crested Coquette, Violet-fronted Hummingbird. Enjoy, Tawny-bellied Screech-Owls and Potoos calling outside your rooms at night, and explore a great trail system leading from the garden into several different habitat types.

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Day 1 Arrive to L ima Welcome to Peru at Lima airport and transfer to selected Hotel. A Lima Hotel
Day 2 Pantanos de Villa, Pucusana and Flight to Cusco Birding in Pantanos de Villa, and Pucusana for a boat trip. Afternoon Flight to Cusco A Cusco Hotel
Day 3 Cusco – Aguas Calientes Town Train Trip to Aguas Calientes Town. Afternoon Birding for endemic and target species An Aguas Calientes Hotel
Day 4 Machu Picchu Archeological site – Train to Ollantaytambo Town Early morning bus to Machu Picchu Archeological site and an afternoon of Birding. Train back to Ollantaytambo An Ollantaytambo Hotel
Day 5 Ollantaytambo – Carrizales – Abra Malaga – Cusco Visiting. Carrizales and Abra Malaga Pass, return to Cusco late Afternoon A Cusco Hotel
Day 6 Cusco – Huacarpay Lake – Wayquecha Station Early birding at Huacarpay Lake for endemic and target species. Full day birding to Wayquecha Station Wayquecha Lodge Station
Day 7 Wayquecha Station to Cock of the Rock Lodge Full day birding along the popular Manu Road for more bird species – mixed species flocks and great landscapes Cock of the Rock Lodge
Day 8 Cock of the Rock Lodge Full day birding up and down Manu Road for more bird species Mixed flocks bird species and feeders at the lodge Cock of the Rock Lodge
Day 9 Cock of the Rock Lodge to Amazonia Lodge Morning Cock of the Rock Lek visit. Full day birding to Atalaya river dock. Short boat trip to Amazonia Lodge Amazonia Lodge
Day 10 Amazonia Lodge Full day birding along the trails and feeders at the lodge Amazonia Lodge
Day 11 Amazonia Lodge Early visit to Machuwasi Lagoon – Full day birding along the trails and feeders at the lodge Amazonia Lodge
Day 12 Amazonia Lodge – Cusco Early start and birding on the way back to Cusco Cusco Hotel
Day 13 Cusco flight Early birding before transfer to Cusco Airport. Afternoon flight to Lima Dinner is not included
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