Santa Eulalia canyon Birding 2 Days

Santa Eulalia canyon Birding 2 Days

The arid slopes above eastern Lima make up part of the western flank of Andes. As we climb into the foothills, we’ll leave the coastal fog below and ascend along rushing streams and steep-walled canyons on to dry, shrub covered slopes.

The avifauna of these arid slopes reflects the relative isolation of the habitat type, which is restricted primarily to the west slope of the western Andes from central Peru to northern Chile. Hence, the arid subtropical and temperate shrub zones here host a number of species of restricted geographic range, some of which like the Great Inca Finch, Bronze-tailed Comet and the, Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch are endemic to a very narrow area within Peru. Amid the cacti, shrubs, and terrestrial bromeliads are rather obscure blossoms that attract a variety of hummingbirds. Among them are Oasis Hummingbird, Purple-collared Woodstar, and the tiny Peruvian Sheartail, whose violet-red gorget and long white tail feathers distinguish the male immediately.

Depending on weather conditions the majestic Andean Condor may be see it.

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Day 1:

The lower slopes support Streaked Tit-Spinetail, Bare-faced Ground-Dove, Long-tailed Mockingbird, Golden-bellied Grosbeak, and Scrub Blackbird. Interesting mixed-species flocks traverse the slopes, sometimes containing. Black-necked Woodpecker, Rusty-crowned Tit-Spinetail, Rusty-bellied Brush-Finch, Bronze-Tailed Comet, Great Inca-Finch, Rufous-Breasted Warbling-Finch Endemic, Canyon Canastero, Yellow-billed Tit-Tyrant, Pied-crested Tit-Tyrant, Peruvian Pygmy-Owl, Collared Warbling-Finch, and numbers of Mourning Sierra-Finches.Overnight at San Mateo or Huachupampa

Day 2:

After breakfast we will leave, to the cold bogs of Marcopomacocha road, which are home to the exquisite. Diademed Sandpiper Plover. Today we will be birdwatching at an altitude of over 4,200 meters, the target birds here to look for are. Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe, Puna Snipe, White-bellied Cinclodes, Dark-winged Miner, Black-breasted Hillstar, and Junín Canastero.

Other birds that can be found in the area are, Andean goose, Mountain caracara, Gray-breasted Seedsnipe, Andean Flicker, Slender-billed Miner, Puna Snipe, White-fronted Ground Tyrant, Andean Swallow, White-winged Diuca Finch, Bright-rump Yellow Finch, and Ochre-naped Ground-Tyrant. After this fantastic day of birdwatching return to Lima

This tour meets and departs from Lima – Peru:

Most international flights to Lima’s Jorgé Chavez international airport arrive late in the evening. Please, be sure our office knows your arrival plans. At the Lima airport, you will get your passport stamped at immigration, claim your luggage, and proceed through customs. Then you can exit the baggage area where a Birds of Peru Tours representative will be waiting holding a sign with your name.

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