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I am glad to have this opportunity to recommend Cesar Bollatty Bedregal. I had the pleasure to travel and experience Peru with Cesar. I can attest to his diligence and knowledge of Peru and its history.

As a guide, Cesar assisted me in and provided translation of English daily. He proved himself to be an adept communicator with strong guide qualities. I always felt safe in my travels because of this leadership and his arrangements for me were always first rate.

Based on my personal observation of his professional work ethic and his engaging personality, I believe that he will be a valuable addition to anyone’s plans to explore or travel in Peru. I can give him my personal recommendation which I do not give out lightly. If you should require further information about Cesar please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to provide it. I believe that Cesar will have great success in his future endeavors.

John Dawson

I am most pleased to recommend Cesar Bollatty as a bird and nature guide. I met Cesar on a birding tour in northern Peru and developed the confidence in him to book a two-week private trip on the Tambopata River. Not only is he extremely skilled and intelligent, his professional qualities include: an admirable nature conservation ethic; outstanding patience with both birds and clients; modesty in presenting his knowledge and ability; and excellent command of English language. As a retired molecular biologist and bird photographer, I found him marvelous to work with because he also enjoys the satisfaction of getting high-quality images, and his client’s photos always come before his own. I am planning my next trip with him. You should too.

Larry H. Thompson

Cesar is a remarkable guide. He took the opportunity to educate us each day of our trip. His excellent spotting and listening skills made our experience truly exceptional. Thank you Cesar! We hope to see you.

Ashley Ewing

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