To confirm the reservation of a tour, a pre-payment of 50% of the total price of the program is required. A minimum of 30 days before the start date of the trip, You have to pay off the outstanding balance of the tour.
You can deposit directly into our bank account or through Western Union.

The remaining costs, if any such as entrance fee to National Park and others, must be paid upon arrival in Lima / Cusco / Puerto Maldonado, before the start of the tour. (You can use a credit card or pay in dollars).

You can pay by:

a) Deposit by Western Union

The payment can only be made in the name of the companies manager and the following detail:

Documento Nacional de Identidad. (DNI):
City: Puerto Maldonado.
Country: Perú.

After making the pre-payment deposit, please send us by e-mail the amount and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

b) Pay with Paypal

In this case the payment is to the company paypal account.