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South America, Topps for Bird Watching

Anyone serious about watching or photographing birds knows that there are few places on Earth that can compare to the amazing bird diversity found in South America.  It truly is a birder’s paradise filled with not only fabulous birds but also a large variety of excellent birding lodges and most importantly wonderful people from a rich variety of cultures, customs, and foods.

The landscape offers some of the driest deserts on the planet, towering mountains, and seemingly endless rainforests. The Andes are home to spectacular cloud forests that can be enjoyed from terrific lodges in places like the Mindo area of Ecuador, the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia, and the legendary Manu road of Peru just to name a few. These majestic mountains also are home to iconic species like the Andean Condor and the fantastic little Diademed Sandpiper-Plover. The Amazon Basin can be explored on boat tours from Iquitos, the start of the mighty Amazon River.

The biodiversity of this area is difficult to even comprehend and it can be explored in a variety of ways including a variety of fantastic lodges both around Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado. The arid coast offers not only a healthy variety of interesting land birds but also offers opportunities to find such amazing birds as Inca Terns, incredible flocks of cormorants and boobys, and an abundance of pelagic birds.

Birds of Peru Tours has a wealth of experience conducting birding tours not only in Peru but also in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and beyond.  So if you’re interested in seeing Giant Anteaters, Jaguars, and Hyacinth Macaws in Brazil; the endemic birds of Bolivia; the spectacle of Machu Picchu; the avian wonders of Colombia’s Santa Marta or Antpittas in Ecuador along with a healthy dose of local flavor, Birds of Peru Tours is there to help you share the joy and abundance of South America.

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